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Hi, Welcome to my workshop

It has been a while since I started this website and a lot of changes have happened so I reckoned thought a major update is long overdue!


The Boxford mill and orac lathe have gone. i bought a denford starturn cnc lathe on ebay which like the other machines was converted to PC with mach3 and sold. It was never my intention when buying them to let them go but there is only so much room a single garage can hold! And the Genius lathe does take up a big chunk of it.


As for the structure of the garage/workshop- it too has been changed- I raised the roof- literally by about a foot rebuilding the walls which were in a poor state and removing the inner false walls which were just there to keep the damp out! I have made good use I think of the extra space for storage (always needed as I rarly thow anything away!) and I no longer have to duck from any models that are hung the ceiling!


I will gradually add links to all my other interests such as radio controlled model aircraft, yachts, dolls house miniatures and woodworking, which  all benefit from cnc.
My dust extractor still lives in a little cupboard on the outside of the garage and an extractor fan in the ceiling also helps in the removal of airborne dust particles- not that I do much woodworking these days apart from balsawood models.

The garage is detached from the house, which is no bad thing as dust and oil will have a harder time in finding their way into the house and over the carpets!

Anyway the pictures show my main equipment. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. Links on the left will take you to pages with more detailed information on the machines.


Current Equipment

Drill press this is a Clarke model from Machine Mart - I wish now I had gone for a model that had a rack and pinion table adjustment.

X3 mill from Arc Euro Trade I actually bought this with the intention of converting it to CNC, just a week beore winning the Boxford Mill on Ebay! I still intend to do this conversion at some point in time.

Genius IPO lathe

Currently undergoing a conversion to mach3


Step 4 basic 540 cnc router. this was my first foray into cnc controlled machines and my most expensive! If I knew then what I know now I could have probable built a better machine for a fraction the cost of this one, but it still taught me a lot.- currently in the loft and not being used at present!


Hope you like the new evolving site and feel free to email me with any queries!


I had to include this picture, even though I no longer have this machine. I bought this Drummond M type lathe prior to the orac, with the view to retrofitting to CNC, which would have been a mammouth task. Although this lathe was about 90 years old and wonderfully solid, there were too many issues to overcome in retrofitting this.
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